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Tamm portal provides the transport and automotive sectors an easy electronic access to the General Traffic Directorate’s databases, to allow enterprises with large and medium-sized fleets, major car showrooms, daily and long-term car rental companies, insurance and finance companies, and other transport and automotive relevant corporates and institutions to inquire about fleet data and information on owned or traded cars. The service also enables update the Traffic Directorate’s databases with information of traded cars, transfer ownership upon purchases, renewal of car licenses, determine the actual driver or the one authorized to drive the car inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and enable automotive agencies from immediately issuing ownership licenses and car plates Tamm Service contributes to organizing the transport sector in the Saudi Arabia, to take the leap towards a new era full of professionalism and efficiency. It also saves the time and effort of the transport sector’s employees, as it tremendously shortens the time required for processing by introducing various subscription packages.

Tamm e-services

Motor Vehicle Registration

This service will issue temporary registration forms by the entities concerned with new vehicles through the system, where these entities will have a set of available plates, that can be used and installed by the buyer. The plate will be directly handed to the buyer upon purchasing the vehicle without the need to visit the Traffic Directorate.

Actual User of a Vehicle

This service allows the addition or deletion of the vehicle’s actual user, for vehicles operating under a lease purchase contract or daily rental vehicles. The information of the user will be entered to the traffic system, and he/she will be then registered as an actual user of the vehicle, so that the relevant authorities can be informed about the responsible person for any vehicle at any time, whether for monitoring, registering a traffic violation recorded by Saher or for any other purpose. The service will prevent registering the violation ticket on the vehicle , as it is the case in Saher, but it will be borne by the driver of the vehicle after being identified as a driver of the vehicle concerned ... only through Tamm

Transfer of vehicle insurance documents to traffic

This service is provided to insurance companies, allowing them to automatically transfer contents of vehicle insurance documents issued by car insurance companies to the Traffic Directorate.

Checking the new vehicles information

This service allows inquiring about new vehicle information, such as Chassis number, year of manufacture and other, by entering the customs card number

View vehicle list

This service displays detailed information of entity owned vehicles. Therefore, the authorized user can view such relevant information, e.g plate number, type, model, year of manufacture, and much more.

Inquiry about traffic violation tickets

This service allows inquiries about the violations recorded by the vehicle's driver, upon the driver’s approval, by the identity number. The information available includes the number and amount of violations, as well as the the violations recorded on the vehicles owned by the party involved in the service

Obtain Driver license information

This service allows inquiries about driver's license information, such as name, type of license, etc. by entering the ID number of the driver's license holder after approval

Vehicle serial number

Through this service, the vehicle serial number can be obtained by entering the owner's ID number, plate type and plate number. The system displays the serial number of the vehicle

Tamm Packages

General Package

Display all owned vehicles
Display vehicle’s information
Add the actual driver
Remove the actual driver
Display the paid traffic violation tickets
Display vehicle insurance information
Issue an international authorization
Cancel an international authorization
Check the new vehicle information

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