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To become the leading company in providing marketing support to our clients, to enhancing the spread and building trust of their customers, by offering professional marketing and support services that exceed expectations

Year of Experience

Techsup Marketing Support Company

Techsup, was established in 2011 in Riyadh. Our goal is to provide infrastructure for telemarketing, sales, and outsourcing for others, including all call center services. We aim to provide our services to companies, institutions, and organizations to enable them to efficiently execute telemarketing, sales, and customer service operations to achieve their goals more efficiently and at a lower cost

  • Since our establishment, we have been keen on building a partnership with 'Elm' company to become a sales partner for its electronic services. We undertake the marketing and sale of 'Elm' company's electronic services, which include: (Muqeem, Tamm, Masarat, Smart Gate, Raya). We always strive to be a supportive arm for 'Elm' company that enhances the achievement of its goals in selling its electronic services.
  • In 2016, an agreement was activated with Takamol and later Future Work Company, to become one of the first service providers of Telework. Later on, we joined the providers of MRN Flex Work services, and we aim to enhance and activate the initiatives of the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development, by participating on its initiative to improve employment through a technical infrastructure that connects private sector companies with employees and companies affiliated with the Ministry.
  • In 2016, we opened our branch in Madinah to specialize in providing Call Center services and customer care its forms sales, and support services f

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