About Ektefa Service

Ektefa is the best electronic solution for the management of human resources, whether your facility is small medium or large will satisfy the system to meet all your development needs.

Why ektefa

● Connect with attendance devices
Connect your devices with sufficiency to get your employees attendance automatically and without any manual efforts.
● Self-service - smart phone application
Perform your daily tasks and get notifications about important circulars directly on your smartphone
● Uniform contract compatible with office work
Electronic contract for the employee as directed by the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia

Main Features

Beautiful user-friendly interface

Ektefa provides a simple and intuitive system that does not require any technical skills to use. It has been prepared and developed taking into account the daily procedures of human resources which can be accomplished by each user with ease.

Centralized databases

One of the biggest challenges facing companies around the world today is the ability to unify system data in one place and access it from anywhere around the world.This provides enough, as it collects and accesses your data with the touch of a button.

Working periods and times

It helps in creating different types of periods and managing employee schedules. It also helps in applying the delay and deduction rules as defined by the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia.

Analytics and reports

Ektefa includes many big data, which is aggregated for presentation through intelligent reports and graphical analysis to describe many functions of human resources management.

End of service benefits

Salaries are managed in a simple and flexible manner.

Time Attendance Management (Fingerprint)

Ektefa is directly connected to your company 's attendance devices, where you will be able to monitor your employees' activity on devices and transfer data between them safely and easily.

Recruitment with kadir

Are you looking to fill your vacancies? Kadir will provide you with a unified recruitment system, where you can post your vacancies, and those interested in the jobs will be able to apply and apply for vacancies to appear directly in your self-sufficiency.

Alerts and circulars

Ektefa provides the possibility to send important circulars, updates and alerts to employees with ease whether the employee on his smartphone or on the website, as it is a simple and easy tool to reach all employees.

Payroll management

Salaries are managed in sufficiency in an easy and flexible manner.

More features

1. The employee's electronic file
2. Unified Electronic Contract
3. Management of vacations and holidays
4. Management of the Covenant
5. Sanctions management
6. E-mail
7. Circulars
8. Management of loans
9. Payroll management
10. Reports and statistics
11. Graphical analysis
12. Recruitment Department

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